Phase 3 : Final Pics

So, this house is now complete. Overall the project went very smooth. We exceeded our expected schedule due to the GC falling ill and switching out sub contractors in the middle of the project, however we still completed in a reasonable time frame and with a high level of quality. I'll show a few before and after pics here so that we can compare and contrast what was done on this project.

So when we first got this house it lacked curb appeal. There were old windows, porch front fixtures and an unkept lawn.

We added new windows, roofing, light fixtures, door, mailbox and address sign. Additionally we painted the porch and railing and also removed all of the bushes in the front of the house and added some mulch right near the front porch. Our goal here was to give a nice, "clear and clean" look and feel to the house, so that a prospective buyer would be able to visualize how they wanted to do landscaping for their new home.

In the living room, you can see where the flooring was old and also you can see there were no recessed lights and old radiators were still in the house

After we completed this room, you can see the recessed lighting along with the newly finished floors. Notice that the radiator in the main foyer was removed when we switched HVAC systems.

Here's a before of the dining room...

Here's an after. Notice here that we tore down the wall between the dining room and kitchen and created a breakfast bar.

Here's a before of the kitchen...

Here's an after. We added new cabinets and appliances, along with a nice backsplash and new lighting, etc.

We completely remodeled the bathroom...

Here you can see where we improved to a nice and basic design

Moving down to the basement. We added a full bath and rearranged the HVAC system and water heater.

Here's an after… We also added recessed lighting..

We decided to keep the stone wall exposed to add to the character of the house.

Here's that full bath that we added..

During the project, the yard was littered with trash at some points...

Prior to placing the house on the market we cleaned up the backyard and painted the back fence. Also notice the garage, we placed new roofing on it.