What to say to prospective real estate agents or wholesalers

A good real estate agent or wholesaler will make your life much easier. They will also help to put more profit in your pocket by bringing you the best investment deals. Your job is to make sure that when they find a good deal, you are the first person that they call. For this to happen they need to know that you can and will act quickly and decisively when a good deal presents itself. To show them that you are serious and a "player" in the business, here are some examples of what you should say when you are communicating with them. You can paraphrase and adapt this to your own style, but these are the main points that you need to make certain that they are aware of.

You talking to the real estate agent/wholesaler:

“Hi, I’m _______, a real estate investor who is looking for a great deal in the ________ area. I have financial backers who are prepared to fund any good deal that I bring to them. I have already gone through the pre-approval process and I have a valid pre-approval letter and proof of funds statement.

A good deal to me is one that requires a (take your pick : cosmetics/ moderate rehab/ full gut rehab) and will return a profit of ______. In other words I’m looking for fixer uppers that I would be able to purchase at 50-55% of ARV or lower. Please give me a call if you find any deals that fit this criteria. I'm looking to begin a new project as soon as possible. ”